Additional IP Space / Netblock Request

Additional IP Space / Netblock Request


Our services do allow for you to receive additional IPv4 & IPv6 Address Space with Valid Justification.

  • Virtual Private Servers
    Our VPS plans vary slightly in the number of IPs included for free, typicaly 1-3 IPs per VPS.  
    Additional IPs are available for a nominal monthly fee by contacting our Support Department
  • Dedicated Servers
    Additional IPs can be added for a nominal fee by submitting a support ticket. 
    You'll be required to fill out a standard IP justification form and that form is subject to approval in compliance with the rules and regulations for providing IPs.
  • Shared Hosting
    Shared Hosting enviroments only allow for a single IP Address per account. Should you require more, Infinity Host LLC suggests looking at a VPS.

Some Examples of Valid Justification are as follows:

  1. Website with an SSL Certificate
  2. Domain Name Server ( DNS Server )
  3. Virtual Machine ( Upto 3 IP's Per Virtual Machine, additional will require further justification. )
  4. Dedicated VPN

The following are not valid justification and will not be approved:

  1. SEO Web Services
  2. Email Marketing / Promotions / SPAM

Please fill out the form here to make your request.

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