This policy outlines Infinity Host, LLC’s stance on abuse of the internet and the systems at Infinity Host, LLC. If you believe you have been abused by content or a a service of Infinity Host, LLC, please email us at to get the situation under investigation.

1: Infinity Host, LLC is not responsible and provides no reasonable expectation of monitoring or responsibility for content stored or disseminated from its servers. Infinity Host, LLC will not be held and cannot be held liable for abuse of a system or service. Although Infinity Host, LLC attempts to monitor its network and systems, it is not required to or expected to take action.

2: If you believe you have been affected by content on a Infinity Host, LLC system, it is your job to notify Infinity Host, LLC within 48 hours of the occurrence and provide all evidence to Infinity Host, LLC so that quick action can be taken.

3: Infinity Host, LLC does not guarantee a response within any time frame. This is due to the nature of this report. An investigation into the report is required, contact with the client will be made and Infinity Host, LLC may choose to take action, temporary or otherwise, at its sole discretion based solely on the claims made

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this abuse policy you may contact us using the information below.
Infinity Host LLC
PO BOX 170151
Austin, TX, 78717


Updated Wednesday April 9th, 2017