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Use Agreement

All users of this site and its services agree to the following wether the service be free or paid for:

Infinity Host makes no promise of data retention.

Infinity Host is not responsible for personal data and data recovery. Infinity Host does offer data recovery services at a cost and no guarantee is made. It is the users responsibility to maintain a copy of their data.

All E-Mail systems are monitored for Spam and will be disabled on your account if you are found in violation. A reactivation fee of $50 and proof the issue has been resolved is required to re-enable E-Mail systems.

Any abuse of or piracy issues in regards to data uploaded by a third party is not the responsibility of Infinity Host. Infinity Host if notified, will investigate copyright and DMCA claims and if found in violation will suspend the account in question. It is unacceptable to pirate software or steal work. If your account is found to be in violation, you will be required to remove the content and pay a $50 account reinstatement fee. If your account is found in violation more than once, your account will be terminated immediately which will result in data loss and you will not longer be able to host or use Infinity Host services again.

To file a DMCA or abuse claim please use

Infinity Host LLC
PO BOX 170151
Austin, TX, 78717


Updated Wednesday April 9th, 2017